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NEW! The DataSilo with THUNDERBOLT!
An external memory for your video recordings! The DataSilo comes as a little tower with 8 slots for upgrades to max. 32 TeraByte (= 32.000 GB). Pre-configured versions with 8, 16, 24 and 32 TeraByte are available.
Important for film and video producers thereby are the various interfaces: USB 3.0/2.0, eSATA, Firewire 800, iSCSI and ATAoE. The DataSilo is quiet and compact and therefore suitable for both the studio and for mobile use!
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Benefits of an RAID in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

RAID enclosures for up to 6 SATA hard disk drives can be exchanged while the system is running. No tools are required.

Each bay is equipped with 2 lights indicating the operational status. The green light indicates that the bay is operational, the yellow one that the bay is currently occupied. Therefore, a failed disk can be easily identified, when a Windows monitoring program simultaneously indicates an instability within the RAID system. The user then instantly knows which disk is being affected and has to be exchanged. Usually, this is a feature of pricey stand-alone solutions - with VIDEOSTATION, it is included in the purchasing price!


videostation speedtest raid 0 VIDEOSTATION-Performance on SSD-like RAID 0 up to 32TB.

Videostation Benchmark RAID 5 Videostation Benchmark Einzelfestplatte
Performance comparison of a VIDEOSTATION RAID with a single hard drive disk.

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